2014: Hitting the Ground Running in North Carolina

2014: Hitting the Ground Running in North Carolina

The Problem

Lumbee Tribal Chairman Paul Brooks wanted to stage an outreach, early vote, and get out the vote (GOTV) operation among Lumbee Tribal members across North Carolina with a specific focus on tribal members and African Americans in Robeson County. He turned to Four Directions to get the job done.

The Solution

Because of Four Directions’ trusted relationship with Chairman Brooks, he worked with us to utilize the 33,000-member Lumbee Tribal list for voter contact programs with unique messages from Chairman Brooks. Four Directions hired 35 canvassers and coordinated efforts with 23 college phone bankers for early voting. Four Directions hired an additional 51 organizers on Election Day with a specific focus on 20 of 43 precincts in Robeson County.

Voter turnout increased across the state from 2010 to the 2014 midterm elections, but voter turnout increased at a faster rate in Robeson County.

Voter Turnout in North Carolina and Robeston County: Total Turnout

Area 2010 2014 Growth
North Carolina 2,700,393 2,939,767 8.86%
Robeson County 22,878 25,332 10.73%

In fact, the Four Directions operation led to almost all of Robeson County’s increase in Robeson’s base voter turnout.

Early Vote Totals in Robeson County, NC Prior to Four Directions Operation
Oct. 28–29, 2014 540 Avg. per hour: 67.5

Early Vote Totals in Robeson County, NC After Four Directions Operation
Oct. 30–31, 2014 1,025 Avg. per hour: 128
Nov. 1, 2014
(Open 8am-1pm)
656 Avg per hour: 131

This is a 90% increase (near doubling) once the operation started and reflects an extra 1,288 voters turned out during just three days of early voting.

The effort catalyzed by Chairman Brooks and Four Directions provided a strong boost to Lumbee turnout across North Carolina and an exceptional turnout in Robeson County by an aggressive voter empowerment operation among both Lumbee and African-American voters in Robeson County.

Put simply, thousands of extra voters turned out because of the efforts of Chairman Brooks and Four Directions.

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