2010: Empowering the Native Vote in Nevada’s 2010 Midterm Election

2010: Empowering the Native Vote in Nevada’s 2010 Midterm Election

The Problem

Lower turnout so often mars midterm elections – and with a competitive U.S. Senate election in Nevada in 2010, the growing Native vote could make a vital difference again. Would the Native vote tip the balance for Nevada in 2010 as it did for South Dakota in 2002?

The Solution

Four Directions was brought in at the request of the Intertribal Council of Nevada, the intertribal organization representing the 27 Tribes in Nevada, to run two Native GOTV efforts: a Tribal- only reservation program in which we were the sole group operating in Indian Country and a Las Vegas operation in which we partnered with America Votes.

Las Vegas Operation

Four Directions had already leased a GOTV staging area in a diverse community of Native Americans, Latinos, and African American voters that ended up being used as the GOTV headquarters. The Las Vegas operation was a canvassing operation that focused on contacting voters at their home, encouraging them to vote and if not home, leaving GOTV literature. These households were contacted as many as five times in the 10 days leading up the election.

The Results

The Four Directions program provided a strong increase in voting performance as illustrated on the next page. If the other 40 percent of the data is similar, along with precincts diluted with non-Native voters, it would mean that even outside of the efforts in Las Vegas, the program resulted in roughly 1,200 additional Native voters in the identified precincts – and likely more than 2,000 extra Native voters program-wide within the reservation-only segment.

Election results Nevada 2010

Election results Nevada 2010

Community County Precinct Avg. Turnout 2010 % Increase
Washoe/Carson Colony Carson City 409 880 906 2.95
Washoe/Stewart Community Carson City 407 666 748 12.40
Pyramid Lake Washoe 7412 233 274 17.85
Reno Sparks Washoe 7300 67 101 50.75
Pyramid Lake Washoe 7409 71 97 36.62
Washoe/Dresslerville Douglas 12 64 81 27.56
Pyramid Lake Washoe 7423 50 71 43.43
Duck Water Nye 3 31 36 16.13
Duck Valley Elko 10 466 523 12.35
Walker River Mineral 11 189 226 19.58
Fallon Churchill 9 323 381 18.14
Te-Moak – Elko Colony Elko 12 547 669 22.30
Fort McDermitt Humboldt 10 108 115 6.98
Te-Moak – South Forks Elko 27 209 236 13.19
Winnemucca Humboldt 3 322 448 39.13
Te-Moak – Wells Colony Elko 18 167 200 19.76
Summit Lake Humboldt 8 82 82 0.61
Te-Moak – Wells Colony Elko 19 205 210 2.69
Average: 4,675 5,404 15.59



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